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With Long Island in-home tutors, you won't have to drive your child around town or worry that the tutors aren't giving them enough personal attention. You won't have to settle for national learning centers with cookie-cutter solutions and methods. All our tutoring is one-to-one, face-to-face and personalized.

Long Island Private Tutors programs and materials were developed by a team of education experts and the content is continuously revised and updated to ensure your child receives the best instruction possible. Whether your child is a struggling learner, on track with peers, or gifted and looking for acceleration, we have unique, customized programs to meet individual needs.

When it comes to in Home Tutoring, we have access to the best tutors for your child
We cover Elementary Tutoring, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Calculus, Physical Science, Biological Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Language Arts, English,  Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Grammar, Essay Writing,   ESL, Study Skills, Test-Exam Preparation, PSAT, SAT,ACT,  Advance Placement, CLEP and Assessment of Elementary & High School Students.

To prepare students for the increasing academic challenges they face, it is essential that problem areas receive prompt attention. If students do not understand basic concepts in the early grades, these gaps quickly widen, and they may lose interest or confidence in their abilities, leading to poor grades and inadequate preparation for later subjects. As a result, they may fall further behind. We fill-in these gaps to ensure that students understand and enjoy their studies

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